Thursday, August 31, 2017

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One of our Past El Faro Missionaries

Me with Hermana Spencer, a one of our wonderful returned missionaries!

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Monday, August 28, 2017

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Mission Leadership Council "Concilio" - 28 August 2017

Today we held our monthly Mission Leadership Council. All the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders in the mission came together to receive leadership training and discuss ideas and issues from around the mission.

After a series of announcements I presented "Christlike Character-Hallmark of a Good Leader" and was followed by President who taught about Creating a Powerful Missionary Team at the Local Level.

After the morning session we ate a delicious lunch of Hawaiian Haystacks with a dessert of Tres Leches Cake prepared by Carolina, the mission chef.

The afternoon session of Concilio was opened by a presentation from the Assistants, Elder Perri and Elder Christensen who talked about Effectively Eradicating Complacency in Missionary Work. President Dayton then talked about a Wise Use of the Lord's Time. We ended the meeting with a spiritual testimony meeting.

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Barcelona/Badalona Zone Conference--August 22, 2017

We enjoy a wonderful day with missionaries in the Barcelona/Badalona zones. These are two of our largest zones so we have 58 missionaries in attendance. We begin with a morning leadership meeting with our Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders and District Leaders.

We begin our morning session with my presentation, "Healthy Living: Key to a Happy, Productive Life" Elders Perri and Christensen, Assistants, teach, "From O to Z: An Effective Start &End" then Elder Garner taught,"Lecciones in Español" and then Hermana Bowden demonstrated a teaching trick using an invisible pen, paper and lighter. President Dayton concludes the morning session with, "Book of Mormon: Our Greatest Proselyting Weapon". We then do a 20 minute practica using a map and telling the Book of Mormon story.

For lunch, Elder and Hermana Fowers, make delicious cole slaw, fruit salad to along with the pizza. For dessert we enjoy zucchini bread and ice cream sodas.

We honor those who have birthdays in May, June, July and August by singing Happy Birthday and giving them their choice of candy bars.

Our afternoon session began with our Scripture Memorization Challenge. Elders Harris and Bowman teach a lesson on, "Teach People, Not Lessons" and Hermanas Nelson and Errigo teach, "Perfect Love Casteth out All Fear". We sing our traditional song, Fill the World with Love, and then President Dayton shares, "Becoming a Master Teacher by Teaching like the Master".

We then view a video on Joseph Smith and the First Vision and then Elder McNutt, Elder Harris and Elder Robles, our missionaries returning home this transfer, share what the Lord taught them in the mission along with their testimonies. We enjoy a very spiritual testimony meeting to conclude our zone conference.

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Hospitalet/Zaragoza Zone Conference--August 21, 2017

We enjoy a wonderful zone conference this week with two terrific zones! I taught the missionaries, "Healthy Living: Key to a Happy, Productive Missionary" President taught,"Book of Mormon:Our Greatest Proselyting Weapon". Elder Ormsby taught our "Lecciones en Español" and Elder Miller taught a 5 minute teaching trick. Our assistants, Elder Perri and Elder Christensen share, "From 0 to Z: An Effective Start and End".

We enjoy pizza, cole slaw, fresh fruit and then have ice cream sodas for dessert. We feel grateful for Elder and Sister Fowers for all they do to make our zone conference meals so delicious.

We honor the missionaries who have birthdays in May, June, July and August by singing Happy Birthday and giving them a candy bar.

During lunch the missionaries report on their goals and share inspiring stories of miracles that month.

Elders Bristol and Molina report their goals and share a meaningful miracle story during lunch. Each of the missionaries share during this session.

Elder Ormsby and Hermana McChesney sing a beautiful primary hymn for our musical number to begin our afternoon session.

We conclude our afternoon session with our scripture memorization challenge, Elders Lightfoot and Woodmansee with, "Teach People, Not Lessons". We then hear from Hermanas Kleitzli and McChesney as they teach, "Committing the Family" and President Dayton presents "Becoming a Master Teacher by Teaching Like the Master". We then have the three missionaries returning home, Elder Lightfoot, Elder Miller and Elder Saunders, share their testimonies and what they learned on their missions. We have many beautiful testimonies shared to end this memorable zone conference.
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Palma Zone Conference--August 16, 2017

We enjoy a full day of instruction in Palma at the Zone Conference. President and I hold a leadership training with the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leader, and District Leaders. We begin the conference with our usual welcome, prayer, recitations, announcements and reading from the White Handbook. I give a lesson on Healthy Living--cleanliness, proper nutrition, water intake,and safe food handling. The Zone Leaders, Elders Downing and Bradshaw taught about Effective Teaching Start to Finish. Lecciones in Español was taught by Elder Rodriguez and Elder Wood showed us a teaching trick. President Dayton ended with a presentation on, "The Book of Mormon:Our Greatest Proselyting Weapon".

Elder and Sister Lundberg and Elder and Sister Nelson provide this wonderful meal.

For lunch we enjoy a delicious meal of home made spaghetti with meatballs, garlic bread, green salad, and a delicious fruit pizza for dessert.

We only had 3 missionaries who had birthdays in May, June, July and August.
Hermana McConkie, Elder Downing and Elder Nelson.

Elder Bradshaw and Hermanan Cummings sang a beautiful song in our afternoon session.

We hold our Scriptural Memorization Challenge in the afternoon session and the Palma District won--the best score in the entire mission on scriptures memorized! Elder Thompson and Elder Ricks taught a lesson, "Teach Lessons and not People" and then Hermana Cummings and Barlow taught, "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?" We conclude with President Dayton teaching about "Becoming A Master Teacher by Teaching Like the Master". We then viewed a video and had a concluding testimony meeting.

Elder Downing shares his final testimony as a full time missionary.
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Valencia Zone Conference--August 10, 2017

We enjoy an absolutely delicious meal made by Brother Salvador, a convert of one and one half years and Sister Concha, a convert of one year.

We sing to our El Faro missionaries who had birthdays in May, June, July and August.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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El Faro Missionaries Return Home

We take one last photo with our wonderful returning missionaries. We then have a final prayer and we all give our last El Faro hurrah before departing for the airport.

Elder Wardle with his parents

Elder Jones with his parents

Elder Garr with his family

Elder Dunn and his family

Elder Allen and his family
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