Friday, May 12, 2017

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Welcome to Spain!!! (Day 2) - First Companions!

We kicked off the new missionaries second day with a group picture of all the new missionaries and their future companions. From here on the suspense began to build as each wondered who would be their companion.

Elder Jones walking in with the Golden Envelope
After eating a delicious Cafe-Rio style meal and a few final hours of training it was finally time to assign these wonderful new missionaries to their first companions, their mission trainers. Elder Jones (the office secretary) so kindly brought in the golden envelope that contained this precious information. A fun, upbeat spirit filled the room and the following assignments were made.

Elder Adcock will be trained by Elder Leavitt in Valencia!
Elder Bressler will be trained by Elder Graham in Valencia!

Sister LeSueur will be trained by Sister Doezie in Valencia!

Sister Read will be trained by Sister Cummings in Valencia!
Side note here: It is rather rare to have four new missionaries all going to the same city. That said, all these assignments are certainly inspired and Valencia will be cheering for these lively new missionaries during their entire stay.

And we continue with the assignments!
Sister Gratzl will be trained by Sister Meredith in Bilbao!

Élder Gómez será entrenado por el Élder Tobias en Vic!

Élder González será entrenado por el Élder Ramos en Cornellà!

Elder Haffner will be trained in Marratxí by Elder Garner!

Elder Lozano will be trained in Gerona by Elder Hodgeman!

Fun Fact: The new Assistant to the President, Elder Hemeyer, trained Elder Hodgeman who is now training Elder Lozano. As a result, we were able to take a fun "Three-Generation Training Genealogy" picture!

Elder Hodgeman was trained by Elder Hemeyer in Zaragoza.
Three Generations of Mission Training!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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Welcome to Spain!!! - May 2, 2017

Picking up our new missionaries at the train station!

We are so thrilled to welcome this new group of nine marvelous missionaries to the Spain Barcelona Mission! They all arrived safely, exactly on time, and ready to get to work! We love their smiles, their dedication, and their excitement to serve. We certainly feel blessed to have them come and unite their strength with ours. We are grateful for all those parents, neighbors, leaders, etc. that helped these wonderful Elders and Sisters prepare for this moment!

Now for the camera roll of each of them with President and Sister Dayton...

Welcome Elder Bressler!

Welcome Elder Adcock!

Welcome Elder Lozano!

Bienvenido Elder Gonzalez!

Bienvenido Elder Gomez!

Welcome Elder Haffner!

Welcome Sister Read!

Welcome Sister Gratzl!

Welcome Sister LeSueur!

We welcomed the new missionaries to the mission with a lovely luncheon prepared by the mission home chef Carolina.
Enchiladas, Corn, Salad, with an Apple Crisp to finish it all off!

After being officially welcomed to the mission, we visited a nearby castle called Mont Juic that overlooks Barcelona. Each of the missionaries was able to look down over their new home for the next several months.
On top of Mont Juic.

Looking out over Barcelona. 

President Dayton with all the Elders
Sister Dayton with all the Sisters

President Dayton with his two assistents.
Elder Barton and Elder Hemeyer (new).

To be continued... :) Area Assignments coming up within a few hours. Check the blog soon to see the new missionaries with their first companions!
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