Monday, February 27, 2017

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Elder Kearon Mission Tour -- February 1-3, 2017

We were so blessed this last month to be visited by Elder Kearon. All of the pictures are in and we are so excited about this post!
He started by visiting the northern zones of Bilbao, Vitoria, and Lleida. We all met and had a wonderful and inspiring conference.
President shared with the missionaries the importance of teaching repentance and I spoke on the importance of scripture study and how it impowers us as missionaries. Elder Kearon gave a wonderful lesson on the importance of being your best self as a missionary. Staying positive, happy, and full of faith. We were all greatly motivated by his words!

A big "thank you" to Hermana and Elder Fowers who prepared this great lunch for everyone!

After leaving the north, we flew back down to Barcelona for the next conference in the morning. All of the missionaries from Barcelona, Badalona, Hospitalet, the Balearic Islands, and Valencia, meet in the Stake Center of Barcelona. It was such a big group of missionaries, but they came prepared to learn and  to be edified.

Domino´s Pizza for lunch! A classic Spanish dish. Not really, but it sure gets the job done!

Old friends and companions say goodbye before heading back to their trains or planes to go home. It has been such a great conference. Thank you Elder Kearon!
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President's Adventures--New Branches and Religious Freedom

This past week, President Dayton has had some memorable experiences. Last Sunday he traveled down to Tortosa where the official Tortosa Branch was organized. The work in Tortosa has been doing so well and it is such a blessing for these members to participate in this event.

Also, he was able to attend a conference on religious freedom that was held here in Catalunya. Representatives from many different churches presented their ideas and beliefs on religious freedom. Even though all of it was in Catalan, it was an honor to attend.
The church was represented by the woman in the above photo. She did a wonderful job and gave a powerful speech about Joseph Smith and his strong beliefs on the right to religious freedoms. 

           Last but not least, we were able to attend a baptism in Badalona. It was such a great service!
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Family Home Evening!

Once again, we meet in the mission home for a family home evening. Missionaries, members, and friends of the church have come from all over Barcelona to be here tonight. President Dayton taught an inspiring message on the 17 signs of a true church. 

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Married Missionary Couples Conference -- February 23-25, 2017

Over the last few days, we have been privileged to have all of our Couple missionaries with us for our first conference. We gathered in the mission home on Thursday and held the meeting that afternoon. A wonderful lunch was prepared by Carolina of Taco and Lentil Soups along with sandwiches. They were to die for!

On Friday, we all took a trip to the famous mountain cathedral, Montserrat. Although a bit cold and rainy, we had such a great time. This is such a beautiful place!

Later, we all ate dinner together on top of the old bull fighting ring in Plaza Espanya and enjoyed the renowned water show.

It has been such a wonderful couple of days! We are so grateful for all of the service and time that these missionaries have blessed us with. This was our last group photo that we took all wearing our new missionary aprons!

A big thank you to Carolina or "la jefa" (the boss) for all of her work to make this possible!
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