Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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El Faro Missionaries Return Home- Oct. 17, 2017

Today we say goodbye to a grand group of faithful missionaries. They have worked so hard and accomplished so much! We sure are sad to see them go, but are excited to see what they move on to do.
Pictures from the farewell banquet for the missionaries going home.

Hands up for El Faro!

7 in the morning on the way to the airport.

On the escalator.

Elder Blake checks in his luggage.

Three missionaries were picked up by their families: Elder Perri, Elder Jacobson, and Hermana Stahl. It was a pleasure to meet the families of these two outstanding missionaries.
We greet Hermana Stahl and her parents.

Elder Jacobson and his parents.

Elder Perri and his parents.

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Called to Serve! New Missionaries, Day 1 (Oct 17, 2017)

We are excited to welcome this large group of powerful new missionaries. We've enjoyed getting to know them and are eager to see their accomplishments.

Welcome Elder Beasley!

Welcome Hermana Lust!

Welcome Elder Ferraz!

Welcome Elder Lewis!

Welcome Hermana Bravo!

Welcome Elder Browning!

Welcome Elder Roberson!

Welcome Elder Moldes!

Welcome Hermana Garcia!

Welcome Elder Pack!

Welcome Hermana Ney!

Welcome Hermana Stinson!

Welcome Elder Peterson!

Welcome Elder Woodfield!

Welcome Hermana Vance!

Welcome Hermana Allen!

 Shortly after arriving at the mission home we enjoyed a lunch of enchiladas, corn, and a salad on the side then continued with some basic orientation to the mission. 

Trip to Montjuic!

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

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Bilbao/Vitoria Zone Conference

We enjoy a wonderful zone conference in Bilbao. We begin with my presentation, "Emulating the Character of Christ."
Our assistants, Elder Perri and Elder Christensen teach about complacency.
Elder Blake teaches us how to effectively teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a dynamic visual.
Elder Stephenson teaches our Lecciones en Español.
We enjoy pizza, salad, and watermelon for lunch with ice cream bars for dessert.
We honor Elder Phillips for his birthday by singing Happy Birthday to him and then sharing what we admire about him.
Elder Jacobson and Elder Garner, zone leaders, teach about happiness. They perform a song and dance to "Don't Worry, Be Happy."
We conclude the conference with flu shots!!!

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

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Mission Leadership Council -- September 26, 2017

We enjoy a wonderful day together with the Assistants, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders. We welcome new members -- Elders Garner, Domingues, Bristol, Allen, Jensen, Kreutz, and Hermana Burkinshaw. We hear inspiring messages of what the Lord has taught them by those who will be returning home -- Elders Allen Blake, Perri, Jacobson, and Hermana Spiegel. I teach about, "Fanning the Fire of Faith" and President Dayton teaches about Online Proselyting informing the missionaries that we have been approved to do missionary work online.
For lunch we have Cafe Rio..a favorite in the mission home! Sister Burkinshaw's dad was the founder of this company...son in honor of her first day we serve this favorite meal.
The sister leaders help in the kitchen--cutting tomatoes, cilantro, pulling the pork, etc.

In the afternoon the assistants, Elder Perri and Elder Christensen teach about, "Establishing an Inspired Zone Vision." We end with President Dayton discussing "Online Proselyting--the Missionary Work of the Future is Here.! We then view a video and have a wonderful testimony meeting.
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The Baleares Zone Conference -- October 3, 2017

We enjoy a wonderful Zone Conference in Palma. I begin the conference with a presentation, "El Faro: Emulating Christ's Character." Elder Perri and Elder Christiansen, the assistants, teach - "Our Missionary Purpose: Eradicating Complacency."

Elder Thompson teaches Lecciones en Español.

Elder Johanson instructs us how to teach making weak things strong and confounding the wise by using an egg. He had everyone's attention!
Following this presentation President Dayton taught about "Contacting: Confounding the Wise."

We end the conference by getting flu shots!
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