Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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News Day 2!! (June 27, 2018)

This morning all of the new missionaries and their future trainers came to the mission home for some final instruction. We held a session to Train the Trainers. We also had a luncheon of Lasagna and salad with all the new missionaries and trainers.

Afterwards, we held a final set of instructions before getting to the exciting training assignments!

Elder Adcock presents President Dayton with the golden envelope with the new assignments. As you can see, they were quite excited to get their new companions!
Hermana Britez va a servir con Hermana Curtis en Valencia!!
Elder Burgos va a servir con Elder Gonzalez en Terrasa!!
Elder Keith Will be serving with Elder Holbrook in Manacor!!
Elder Taylor Will be serving with Elder Christensen in Manresa!!
Elder Clarke will be serving with Elder Eiguren in Ibiza!!
Elder Harris will be serving with Elder Pingree in Hospitalet!!
Elder Peñaranda va a servir con Elder Cantos en Gandia!!
Hermana Robinson will be serving with Hermana Bangerter in Zaragoza!!
Elder Flake will be serving with Elder Walker in Cornellà!!
Hermana Peña va a servir con Hermana Boriosi en Bilbao!!
Hermana Braodhead will be serving with Hermana Orr in Barcelona!!

We are so excited for these new and energetic missionaries!
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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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News Day 1! (June 26, 2018)

We are excited to welcome this group of powerful new missionaries. We've enjoyed getting to know them and are eager to see their accomplishments.

Welcome to Elder Keith!

Bienvenida a Hermana Britez!

Welcome to Elder Flake!

Bienvenido a Elder Peñaranda!

Welcome to Elder Taylor!

Welcome to Elder Harris!

Welcome to Hermana Broadhead!

Welcome to Elder Clarke!

Welcome to Hermana Robinson!

Bienvenida a Hermana Peña!

We went up to Montjuic and let the new Missionaries look out over Barcelona. 

We are excited for this group of outstanding, young missionaries!

Stay tuned to the blog for tomorrow, when these great new missionaries receive their trainers!
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Viejos Return Home (June 26, 2018)

We have a dinner for the 18 missionaries going home this transfer. During the meal, each missionary reported on the most meaningful experience of their mission, the thing they will miss most about Spain, and the one thing they will not miss about Spain. We then had a beautiful testimony meeting and ended by singing our mission song, "Brillan Rayos de Clemencia."

Carolina, our amazing mission home cook, gave me a pressure cooker for a going home gift.

The missionaries prepare to board their planes and enjoy their last moments in Spain.

Elder Cox's family came to pick him up!

Elder Graham's family came to pick him up!

Elder Barlow's family came to pick him up!

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

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Baptisms of May and June

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

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Visitors of May and June

My daughter, Katie Cherrington comes for two days. Her husband and brothers participate in a half Iron Man in Palma. 

Maria Dolores Escobar and her husband come to talk about the history of the church in Spain.

Elder Nate Jones and his wife visit us.

Elder Caleb Barton and his parents stop by for a visit.

Elder Brandon Heymer and his parents.

Hermana Marie Larson and her friend visit us.

Hermana Een and her family (Eliza, Trish, Natalie, Marissa) visit.

We saw Elder Trevor Allen and Hermana Jennifer Irregi at a Flood the Earth Firside in the ward.

Hermana Ashley Applegate with her parents.

Elder Bowen Martin with his parents.

Elder Dallas Cook with his family.

Elder Ramirez visits with his mom and fiance.

My friend, Stephanie Eastman, and her girls

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