Saturday, November 11, 2017

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Catalunya Independence Announcement

Greeting from Spain. We imagine that some of you have been concerned by the political unrest in northeast Spain (Catalunya). The Catalunya independence movement in the Barcelona area is a politically charged but largely peaceful movement.  There have been several very large, but mostly peaceful demonstrations, which are called “manifestations” in Catalan.  Some of the demonstrations are focused on unity, keeping Catalunya part of Spain; some of the protests are for independence.  The Spanish central government has removed the president of Catalunya, President Puigdemont, from power.  He and some of his cabinet have moved to Belgium, and still encourage a peaceful movement.  New elections are scheduled for December 21, when a new president and cabinet will be elected for the Catalan region. 

We have encouraged our missionaries to avoid large crowds, but these political movements have had very little impact on the everyday life here in Barcelona.  Tourism continues unabated.  Shopping and school continue unabated, and again, we have not seen any changes in life here in the Barcelona area. 

The only violence we have been aware of was on October 1st when the vote was held for the referendum on independence.  It was a Sunday and the missionaries were in their church meetings.  There were some very disturbing images of police handling voting crowds with violence that day.   Fortunately, we have seen nothing like that since. 

We continue to encourage our missionaries to be vigilant, to be aware of their environment, and to avoid large crowds.  We are in regular contact with the Church’s Security Department, which continues to watch this situation very closely, as well as the U.S. Embassy in Madrid. Please understand that the safety of your sons and daughters are our greatest concern, and we will do whatever is necessary to ensure they stay safe.


President and Hermana Dayton
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Saturday, October 21, 2017

New Missionaries- Day 2 (Oct 18)

This morning all of the new missionaries and their future trainers came to the mission home for some final instruction. We held a session to Train the Trainers.

Afterwards, we held a final set of instructions before getting to the exciting training assignments!
President requesting the Golden Envelope containing the Training Assignments.

 Hermana Ney will be trained by Hermana Read in Barcelona!

Elder Pack will be trained by Elder Rupa in Vitoria!

Hermana Vance will be trained by Hermana Johnson in Catarroja!

Elder Woodfield will be trained by Elder Ricks in Menorca!

Elder Peterson will be trained by Elder Farmer in Tarragona!

Hermana Lust will be trained by Hermana Errigo in Sabadell!

Elder Beasley will be trained by Elder Astorga in Catarroja!

Elder Ferraz will be trained by Elder Paulsen in San Sebastián!

Hermana Bravo will be trained by Hermana Clark in Valencia!

Elder Browning will be trained by Elder Holmes in Pamplona!

Hermana Allen will be trained by Hermana LeSueur in Terrassa!

Elder Lewis will be trained by Elder Holmes in Teruel!

Hermana Garcia will be trained by Hermana Lima in Badalona!

Elder Roberson will be trained by Elder Triana in Valencia!

Elder Moldes will go to Ibiza, to be companions with Elder Ramos!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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El Faro Missionaries Return Home- Oct. 17, 2017

Today we say goodbye to a grand group of faithful missionaries. They have worked so hard and accomplished so much! We sure are sad to see them go, but are excited to see what they move on to do.
Pictures from the farewell banquet for the missionaries going home.

Hands up for El Faro!

7 in the morning on the way to the airport.

On the escalator.

Elder Blake checks in his luggage.

Three missionaries were picked up by their families: Elder Perri, Elder Jacobson, and Hermana Stahl. It was a pleasure to meet the families of these two outstanding missionaries.
We greet Hermana Stahl and her parents.

Elder Jacobson and his parents.

Elder Perri and his parents.

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Called to Serve! New Missionaries, Day 1 (Oct 17, 2017)

We are excited to welcome this large group of powerful new missionaries. We've enjoyed getting to know them and are eager to see their accomplishments.

Welcome Elder Beasley!

Welcome Hermana Lust!

Welcome Elder Ferraz!

Welcome Elder Lewis!

Welcome Hermana Bravo!

Welcome Elder Browning!

Welcome Elder Roberson!

Welcome Elder Moldes!

Welcome Hermana Garcia!

Welcome Elder Pack!

Welcome Hermana Ney!

Welcome Hermana Stinson!

Welcome Elder Peterson!

Welcome Elder Woodfield!

Welcome Hermana Vance!

Welcome Hermana Allen!

 Shortly after arriving at the mission home we enjoyed a lunch of enchiladas, corn, and a salad on the side then continued with some basic orientation to the mission. 

Trip to Montjuic!

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