Friday, September 23, 2016

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Barcelona Ward Sunday September 21, 2016--FHE September 25, 2016

We attended the Barcelona 2nd Ward Council Meeting with Elder Zwick where he gave instruction on using Ward Council in missionary work.  We then attended the Sacrament Meeting where Elder and Sister Zwick, President Mike Duffin and President Dayton spoke.  Afterwards we met a host of wonderful friends including President and Sister Duffin (Madrid Temple Presidency), former mission president Villamizar and his wife (Venezula), Sister Barbara Perry, Eduardo, Susana and Giada

Mike and Gaye Duffin, Madrid Temple Presidency, Sister Barbara Perry and Elder and Sister Zwick attend church in the Barcelona 2nd Ward.

Elder and Sister Zwick, Elder and Sister Morejon, Barbara Perry, and Assistants, Elder Pemberton and Elder Sedgwick, enjoy a meal together in the Mission Home.

Elder Zwick pitches in and mashes the potatoes!

We attend Badalona Zone Enfoque on Tuesday September 23rd, 2016. 

We enjoyed a wonderful Family Home Evening with many investigators in the mission home. President Dayton taught about the Apostacy.

We enjoy a delightful Sunday Dinner in the mission home with our office staff. Elder and Sister Morejon prepare a delicious goat cheese salad with carmalized nuts and fresh bread.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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Missionary Leadership Council - September 17

Missionary Leadership Council was held on Saturday, September 17  in the Mission Home in Barcelona. We had Elder and Sister Zwick as special guests.  

Our sweet sister missionaries heart attack me...what special messages from such thoughtful missionaries.

Oh Saturday we held our monthly leadership council with all zone leaders and sister training leaders. We received important information on leadership including being humble in our accomplishments, not being limited by our own lack of vision, the wise use of ward councils for missionary work, and other important principles.

Elder and Sister Morejon make a Cuban dish of rice, chicken and vegetables and a lovely green salad.  We enjoy tres leeches cake for dessert.

During lunch we present Elder and Sister Zwick with a Barc Soccer T-shirt with his name and 70, representing the first quorum of 70. Sister Zwick and Sister Perry received chocolates and the original art work of our mission motto, "El Reino de Dios O Nada" (The kingdom of God or Nothing) spoken by John Taylor.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

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Barcelona, Badalona, Hospitalet, Valencia, Baleares MissionTour--September 16, 2016

We feel very blessed for the full day of instruction at our Mission Tour Conference.  Elder Zwick taught us about having a sure foundation in Christ, about using time perfectly as a true manifestation of sacrifice, and many other lofty principles from Preach My Gospel.  Sister Zwick taught about keeping a pure heart and understanding your power as a commissioned agent of the Savior, President Dayton spoke on how to invite commitments to help our investigators change and repent, and I spoke on how to be a master teacher.

We enjoy pizza and salad for lunch and have ice cream bars for dessert.

Elders and Sisters throng around Elder Zwick following the conference. Our missionaries loved being with him and Sister Zwick.

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Bilbao, Vitoria, Lleida Mission Tour--September 15, 2016

We were privileged to have Elder and Sister W. Craig Zwick and Sister Barbara Perry visit our mission. 
We received a full day of instruction from these marvelous leaders.  Elder Zwick taught us about being worthy, keeping thoughts pure, exact obedience, the holiness of our calling, simplify/intensify/testify, gaining confidence from the members and other important principles.  Sister Zwick taught us that the Savior is always there for us, about how anyone can share the gospel using the example of her son Scotty, and what condition our heart is in.   I taught about becoming a master teacher and President taught about how inviting investigators to make commitments helps them change and repent..

Elder Zwick teaches us about sure foundations, gaining confidence from members and the importance of continuing to grow spiritually after our missions.

Elder and Sister Rohde and Elder and Sister Del Solare prepare delicious salads, mashed potatoes and gravy to go along with our Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

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Barcelona Sisters Conference--Thursday September 8, 2016/Palma Baptism

We pose for a picture with the hope of blending the picture from the Bilbao Sisters Conference with this photo to have one picture with all of the sister missionaries. We had 49 sisters attend the Barcelona conference and 17 attend the Bilbao conference.

Sister Perry, President and Hermana Dayton greet each sister before the conference begins.

Sister Jan Chase gave a presentation on letting your light shine, I presented a workshop helping sisters learn their best colors, body proprtions and styles of clothing and Sister Perry spoke of Joy and Happiness. We had two wonderful musical numbers--Sister Brudnicki sang, "A Light on a Hill" with Hermana Iregui accompanying on the flute and Sister Maxfield on the piano. Sister Morejon sang her beautifully written song, "Tender Mercies" with Sister Maxfield accompanying on the piano.  President Dayton and I did a 45 minute question and answer and then we concluded with a very spiritual testimony meeting.

Interacting during Sister Chase's workshop.

The sisters help with last minute kitchen preparation.

We enjoyed a variety of quiches, breads, green and fruit salads for lunch.  Desserts were Oreo cheesecake, brownies, Snickerdoodles, and pecan pie. The sisters loved it all!

Sister Missionaries pose for pictures with Sister Barbara Perry.

Our candy favors for the luncheon prepared by sister Maxfield. Gift Bags prepared by Sister Morejon, Sister Brems and Sister Chase.

A beautiful baptism in Palma with Elders Lake and Muncy.

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