Saturday, November 28, 2015

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Lleida Stake Conference, Specialized Training, Thanksgiving

We had the opportunity to visit with members of the Lleida Stake following their conference on Sunday November 22nd.

One of our missionaries, Elder H. Johnson, drew a beautiful picture of our Savior.

We had Specialized Training in Bilbao, Lleida, Barcelona, and Badalona Zones. President Dayton taught of the power of the Book of Mormon and how to effectively teach the history, he also had a power point on being a consecrated missionary. The Assistants taught about the power of the Spirit, and I gave a power point presentation on how we handle challenges in our lives.

In a practica one of our missionaries practices teaching the history of the Book of Mormon

One of the beautiful music numbers done by Elder Murley, Hermana Jorgenson, and Hermana Lamoreaux

Sisters waiting in line for Flu Shots!

Elders receiving their flu shots...

Elders completed their flu shots!

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner in the Mission Home with our 4 senior couples, Elder and Sister Chase, Elder and Sister Morejon, Elder and Sister Maxfield, and Elder and Sister DelSolar

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

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Specialized Training in Palma and Visits from Church Leaders

After Specialized Ttraining in Palma we go with our missionaries to their favorite ice cream store. 

Elder Christenson of the First Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Dyches a member of the Europe Area Presidency, and their wives visited the Spain Barcelona Mission Elder Obando of the Area 70 and his wife were also in attendance. We were priviledged to receive special instruction for our missionaries. Elder Christenson gave a fascinating talk on the Holy Ghost and Sister Christenson counciled us about the Atonement. Elder Dyches talked about the importance of the Doctrine of Christ and his wife talked to us about God's love and the Prophet. We were grateful to be able to host them for a special dinner in the Mission Home.

We say goodbye at the airport.
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Stake Presidents Dinner

The Area Missionary Coordinating Council was held at the Mission Office and afterwards we hosted a dinner at the Mission Home.

President and Sister Duffin, 2nd counselor in Madrid Temple Presidency; President and Sister Jose Vilar, Valencia Stake; Elder and Sister Adonay Obando, Area Seventy; President and Sister Jose Luis Hernandez, Lleida Stake; President Richard March, Barcelona Stake; President and Sister Saulo Franco, Vitoria Stake; President and Sister Ferran Sylvestre, L'Hospitalet Stake; Area Manager of Family History, Juan Rodriguez; President and Sister Merril Dayton, President of the Spain Barcelona Mission

Sister Reid and Sister Terrazas helped us with the event. We'll forever be grateful for all they did.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Transfer Meeting

Before the transfer meeting we have a luncheon for the trainers and our new missionaries

All of our trainers with the new missionaries right before we announce the companionships!

All the missionaries after they find out who their trainer is get to pose by the map and find out where they will be serving!

Some of our trainers get very excited when they finally find out who they get to train!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Transfers 10 November

We welcomed 15 new missionaries to the mission today! They came from Utah, California, Nevada, Washington, Virginia, Montana, and Finland!

We had our traditional enchilada "Welcome to Spain" luncheon in the mission home. 

The Assistants accompanied us by singing our mission song "The Greatest Mission on the Earth's Great Face"

Elder Ibarra sang "How Great Thou Art" to bring the Spirit, and what a marvelous voice he has!

We recognize our mission cook, Carolina Puelles, for her fabulous cooking and how much she does for our missionaries. 

We took our new missionaries on a tour through the city of Barcelona and ended at the top of Montjuic. President Dayton spoke of the history of Spain and the wonderful opportunity we will have to baptize many in this area. Each missionary was given 10 minutes to refelct following his devotional. 

We have our final banquet with our missionaries who will be returning home tomorrow.  We enjoy a delicious meal, sing hymns, share favorite experiences, and conclude with a testimony meeting filled with the spirit.  These are the most special meetings we experience as we see these faithful, diligent missionaries share their sweet remembrances of their time in the Spain Barcelona mission. These seven missionaries will be greatly missed.

Saying goodbye to our obedient, hard working missionaries is always the hardest part. We took these 6 missionaries (our other hermana who went home had her parents pick her up at the mission office) to the airport Wednesday morning.

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