Saturday, September 16, 2017

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Mission President's Seminar -- September 12-16, 2017

We attend the Mission President's Seminar in Lisbon, Portugal. Those attending from Spain are -- President and Sister Pak - Madrid Mission, Elder and Sister Anderson - Malaga Mission, President and Sister Packer - Madrid MTC President. We enjoy spending time with these faithful leaders.

Elder and Sister Holland deliver inspiring messages at the seminar. Elder Holland leaves and apostolic blessing to conclude our meetings.

Elder Holland, President Johnson--Europe Area President, Elder Sabin and Elder De Feo--Counselors in the Area Presidency.

Elder and Sister Sabin pose for a quick picture.

President and Sister Stevens, England Mission.

We enjoy a fun cultural dinner.

President and Sister Packer--MTC president, Elder and Sister Anderson--Malaga Mission, President and Sister Pak--Madrid Mission.

We spend a few hours in this quaint little city in Portugal.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

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El Faro Missionaries Return Home

Today we say goodbye to a grand group of faithful missionaries. They have worked so hard and accomplished so much! We sure are sad to see them go, but are excited to see what they move on to do.

Pictures from the farewell banquet for the missionaries going home.

Going up the escalator at the airport.

Two missionaries were picked up by their families: Elder Cullimore and Elder Lightfoot. It was a pleasure to meet the families of these two outstanding missionaries.
President and Hermana Dayton with Elder Cullimore and his family

President and Hermana Dayton with Elder Lightfoot and his family.

Elder Lightfoot surprises Hermana Dayton with a giant jar of chocolate covered almonds. These are one of her favorite treats and became a part of a recent zone conference training.
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Thursday, September 7, 2017

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Called to Serve - New Missionaries (Day 2)

This morning all of the new missionaries and their future trainers came to the church for some final instruction. We held a session to Train the Trainers which was followed by lunch.

For lunch we ate Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Chips and Watermelon on the side with an Ice Cream Sandwich for desert.

After lunch we held a final set of instructions before getting to the exciting training assignments!
President requesting the Golden Envelope containing the Training Assignments.

Elder Vaughan will be trained by Elder Lattin in Zaragoza!

Elder Wiener will be trained by Elder Kerr in Valencia!

Hermana Espinoza será entrenada por la Hermana Meredith en Pamplona!

Hermana Wilda will be trained by Hermana Latu in Santander!

Hermana Call will be trained by Hermana Carroll in Bilbao!

Elder Beeler will be trained by Elder Tobias in Castellón!

Elder Pingree will be trained by Elder Farrer in Las Arenas!

Elder Gardner will be trained in Burgos by Elder Bown!

Elder Salazar will train Elder Richardson in Burgos!

Elder Nelson will be trained by Elder Johansen in Palma!

Elder Wood (left) and Elder Ramos (right) will train Elder Burr (middle) in Ibiza!

Elder Loveland will be trained by Elder Rodriguez in Marratxí!

Elder Petersen will be trained by Elder Hodgman in Manacor!

Elder Smith will be trained by Elder De León in Inca!

Elder Patey will be trained by Elder Perry in Gerona!

Elder Tagge will be trained by Elder Fowler in Badalona!

Elder Beech will be trained by Elder Warr in Vic!

Elder Fernandez will be trained by Elder Mayall in Hospitalet!

Elder Hughes will be trained Elder Jacobson in Cornellà!

Elder Hurst will be trained by Elder Steagall in Terrassa!

Elder Tingey will be trained by Elder Hunsaker in Lleida!

One part of mission tradition is to refer to trainers as Fathers and the trainees as Sons. Elder Perri (one of the Assistants to the President) trained Elder Fowler a year ago. Now that Elder Fowler is training Elder Tagge we can celebrate three "generations" of mission training!

Elder Fowler, Elder Perri, Elder Tagge

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Called to Serve! - New Missionaries (Day 1)

We are excited to welcome this large group of powerful new missionaries. We've enjoyed getting to know them and are eager to see their accomplishments.

Now let's meet them all!
Welcome Élder Wiener!

Welcome Élder Tingey!

Welcome Élder Tagge!

Welcome Élder Hughes!

Welcome Élder Hurst!

Welcome Élder Petersen!

Welcome Élder Beech!

Welcome Élder Fernandez!

Welcome Élder Beeler!

Welcome Élder Pingree!

Welcome Élder Loveland!

Welcome Élder Richardson!

Welcome Élder Burr!

Welcome Élder Vaughan!

Welcome Élder Patey!

Welcome Hermana Wilda!

Welcome Hermana Call!

Welcome Élder Smith!

Welcome Élder Nelson!

Welcome Élder Gardner!

Shortly after arriving at the mission home we enjoyed a lunch of enchiladas, corn, and a salad on the side then continued with some basic orientation to the mission. 

After the meeting we went to Mont Juïc where these new missionaries got the chance to look out over all of Barcelona and take a moment to think about the special experience they will soon have here in Spain.
Looking out over Barcelona

Stay Tuned to the blog! Tomorrow we will announce the companionship assignments!

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