Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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The Trainees are Assigned!

Here it is! After a wonderful meeting, all six of the new missionaries have received their "parents" or trainers. They will be traveling to their new areas this evening, and by tomorrow, will be contacting and teaching the gospel. 

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The New Missionaries Have Arrived!

Six new missionaries arrived from the MTC today! The five elders were picked up at the train station from Madrid this morning and one Sister was picked up from the airport from Provo in the afternoon. 

We all took the traditional trip to Mont Juic castle. While all are tired, we can see the excitement and spirit in their eyes. 

A great meal was prepared for these hungry missionaries: enchiladas, salad, and for dessert, Pazookies!

They will all be recieving their trainers tonight!! 

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Friday, December 23, 2016

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Bilbao Christmas Conference--December 22, 2016

It has been a crazy week, and we ended it with the last Christmas conference. We traveled north to Bilbao and had a combined conference with the Bilbao and Vitoria Zones. Although a bit chilly, we had a great time!

The lunch was prepared by the Rhodes and all were so grateful! It was delicious. 

Let the games begin!!


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Barcelona/Badalona Christmas Conference--December 21, 2016

A combined conference with the Zones of Barcelona and Badalona. Great program filled with inspired teachings and hidden talents. 

All anxiously await the meal prepared by Sister Carolina (la jefa de la casa) and by the Maxfields. Meatballs with a blueberry barbecue sauce over rice! 

After lunch we concluded the conference and were blown away by a musical number from Elders Bledsoe and Sherman. 

On a side note, I just returned home from my trip back to Arizona! It was so good to see the family, especially the Grandkids!

I was so happy to be home for my John´s wedding the 16th of December! It was so beautiful and they are so happy!

He also just graduated from the police academy the day before the wedding. I was able to be there and support him with that as well. 

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Hospitalet Christmas Conference--December 20, 2016

We are back in Barcelona! Today we held the Hospitalet Conference. And good news! We finally have photographic evidence of the Christmas games! Pictures will be shared!

And here they are! A few games were played and all were enjoyed. Missionaries were challenged to slide an Oreo cookie down their faces and try to catch it in their mouths, were asked to pick up cotton balls with their noses covered in Vaseline, and finally, they had a relay race with an orange between their knees, a coin in their eye, and a book on their head. All resulted in great photos!

Feel free to try these games out at your own Christmas party!

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