Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Onward Christian Soldiers - Welcoming New Missionaries (Day 2)

Wow! What a fun day! This new group of missionaries is truly spectacular! This morning the new missionaries came to the Barcelona 2nd Ward Chapel where they met up with their yet unassigned trainers. After a delicious lunch of barbecue pork sandwiches with a salad on the side we took the above group picture then moved into the final training meeting. We heard messages about the Vision of the Mission, What we do in El Faro, and a presentation entailing many aspects of the missionary work here in Spain.

Finally we reached the highly anticipated companionship assignments! Here they are!

Hermana Orr will be trained by Hermana Meredith in Granollers!

Hermana Barrientos will be trained by Hermana Bodden in Gerona!

Élder Reviriego será entrenado por el Élder Sorensen en Tarragona!

Hermana Colque será entrenada por la Hermana Stosich en Zaragoza!

Hermana Aris será entrenada por la Hermana Muñoz en Gandía!

Elder Phillips will be trained by Elder Stephenson in Pamplona!

Hermana Curtis will be trained by Hermana Burkinshaw in Tarragona!

Hermana Lenzinger will be trained by Hermana Soelberg in Logroño!

Hermana Barton will be trained by Hermana Harris in Martorell!

Hermana Fausett will be trained by Hermana Halls in Pamplona!

Elder Baker will be trained by Elder Hodgman in Manacor!

Hermana Boriosi será entrenada por la Hermana McConkie en Palma!

Elder Eiguren will be trained by Elder Barton in Valencia!

Hermana Warburton will be trained by Hermana Finch in Gandía!

Elder Dransfield will be trained in Sabadell by Elder Dickson!

Hermana Lima serão treinada pela Hermana Price em Badalona!

Elder Maybury will be trained by Elder Graham in Mataró

Hermana Peterson will be trained bu Hermana Rockhill in Vilafranca!

Elder Walker will be trained by Elder Mortensen in Las Arenas!

Hermana Black will be training Hermana Bangerter in Sabadell!

Élder Rodriguez (que llega mañana) será entrenado por el Élder Mendoza en Gandía!

Hermana and President Dayton are ecstatic to serve in the Spain Barcelona Mission!!!
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Onward Christian Soldiers! Welcoming New Missionaries (Day 1) -- 25 July 2017

This morning we welcomed an impressive group of new missionaries from all over the world! We are thrilled to have them in our mission and are excited to be serving with them in Barcelona, Spain. 

Now for a quick roll-through of all of them!

Welcome Hermana Barton!

Welcome Hermana Barrientos!

Welcome Hermana Bangerter!

Bienvenida Hermana Aris!

Bienvenida Hermana Colque!

Bienvenido Élder Reviriego!

Welcome Hermana Peterson!

Welcome Hermana Warburton!

Bem vinda Hermana Lima!

Welcome Hermana Lenzinger!

Welcome Hermana Orr!

Welcome Hermana Fausett!

Welcome Elder Walker!

Welcome Elder Maybury!

Welcome Elder Phillips!

Welcome Elder Dransfield!

Welcome Elder Eiguren!

Welcome Elder Baker!

Welcome Hermana Curtis!

Bienvenida Hermana Boriosi!

After welcoming all the missionaries to Barcelona we had a quick meeting to begin introducing these wonderful missionaries to their new home. After that meeting we enjoyed a delicious meal of enchiladas with corn and a salad on the side for lunch followed by a brownie and ice cream for dessert! 

After lunch we went to Mont Juïc. This is always a special trip for the new missionaries. They had the opportunity to look over the entirety of Barcelona and take a moment reflect on the special experiences that they are about to have.

President and Hermana Dayton looking over Barcelona

President Dayton with his two Assistants, Elder Christensen and Perri

Stay tuned to the Blog. Tomorrow we will announce who will be these missionaries first companions!

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