Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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Northern Zones Conference -- March 10, 2017

The Zones of Vitoria and Bilbao met together today for our Zone Conference. While the weather was a bit rainy, there was nothing but smiles all day long. The conference started with a my presentation on the power of positive thinking. Next, the Zone Leaders Elders Tuthill and Prat taught about effective planning and followup. And why not a little practice? Elder Lightfoot helped us all improve our spanish speaking skills with a quick "lección en Español!" Before stopping for a lunch break, President Dayton taught about the connection between effective commitment invitations and progressing investigators.

After this great lunch prepared by the Rohdes, we continued the conference with a Scriptural Memorization Challenge. Since the beginning of the year, the missionaries have been challenged to memorize one scripture a week. And now, each conference we will be checking to see how they are doing! These missionaries did so good! You should all be proud of your children!
Next the Sister Training Leaders Hermanas Dupre and Martinez instructed us on how to use our time more wisely and President Dayton concluded the conference with a teaching on conversion through prayer.

We also enjoyed an amazing musical performance by Elders Castro and Sorensen and Hermanas Rockhill and Larson.

While in Vitoria, President Dayton and I were able to visit the ward there on Sunday. It was so good to get to see the members here! They are so strong and faithful!

This adorable boy got so excited when I gave a "future missionary" badge! He started jumping up and down shouting "misionero, misionero." It was so uplifting! 


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  1. Thank you, Hermana Dayton, for your reports and pictures!