Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Called to Serve! -- March 21, 2017

We went straight from the airport right to the train station to pick up 9 amazing looking missionaries! We are happy to report that all arrived safely and with smiles on their faces. We are so excited for these great servants of God to begin their journey.

After a brief presentation and welcome to the mission, we all took a trip to Mont Juic to overlook the city of Barcelona and the missionaries had a moment of prayer and pondering. 

The missionaries all went out with temporary companions for their first night and the next morning we all met back in the Mission Home. The trainers and trainees all enjoyed a lunch together, and then we had our meeting and assignment of trainers. 

                               Elder Doman will be trained by Elder Bradshaw in Terrassa!

                                  Elder Astorga will be trained by Elder Dixon in Manacor!

                               Elder Chin Ah You will be trained by Elder Kreutz in Palma!

                            Hermana Clark will be trained by Hermana Anderson in Hospitalet!

                                Elder Holmes will be trained by Elder Bowles in Menorca!

                              Hermana Barlow will be trained by Hermana Nelson in Palma!

                                  Elder Triana will be trained by Elder Riggs in Vilafranca!

                              Hermana Clark will be trained by Hermana McConkie in Lleida!

                              Elder Jones will be trained by Elder Christensen in Tarragona!

                             Hermana Johnson will be trained by Hermana Sperry in Palma!

        And Hermana de Lima (who will arrive tomorrow) will be trained in Castellon by                                                                                   Hermana Cummings!



  1. How cool is that to see all of the new missionaries!! My how tall is that Elder?? He looks like he could play some Basketball!!

  2. Congratulations to all on the start of your mission in Spain! Great update Elder Jacobson from Sis Hurst.

  3. Look at all these beautiful missionaries! How wonderful for the people in Spain! Elder Jacobson, we sure appreciate your talents with this blog! God bless all! Sister Bacak

  4. Nice update, Elder Jacobson!

    So fun to see our friend from Maryland/Ohio (Elder Jacobson) and our friend from Erda (Elder Garr)--both have fathers who are physicians (as is my dad)--both have fathers who were Colonels in the Air Force as well (my dad and your dad are friends)!!!

    Pretty awesome how the Lord brings people together and how small this world really is...QUE SIGAN ADELANTE CON LA OBRA DEL SENOR EN BARCELONA!!!

  5. Look at all those beautiful new missionaries! Their excitement radiates from their faces. They have prepared and are ready to serve. Oh, and a quick hello to the fabulous young man called Elder Jacobson! San Antonio misses you and your family!

  6. Thank you so much for the pictures! We are so excited for our daughter, Hermana Barlow to begin this season of missionary service. Thank you to those who will train, teach and care for her. With love, Kimberly Barlow

  7. Thank you Elder Jacobson for your efforts to keep families informed! Parents love knowing more than once a week what their children are up to and how grateful we our for the technology the Lord has blessed us with that makes it possible.

  8. So happy to see this update! Thank you. Hermana Johnson is blessed to serve among you. We are so full of joy.

  9. It's so wonderful to see our boy safe and sound. Thank you for the pictures and update. ❤

  10. Elder Dixon loves his new companion Elder Astorga! They are already hard at work. Thank you for these pictures! We pray for you all

  11. Thank you for the photos and info. We love seeing what our daughter, Hermana Clark, is doing. She is enjoying being with Hermana Anderson in Hospitalet.