Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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News Day 2 (Feb 21, 2018)

This morning all of the new missionaries and their future trainers came to the mission home for some final instruction. We held a session to Train the Trainers. We also had a luncheon of sloppy joes and salad with all the new missionaries and trainers.

Afterwards, we held a final set of instructions before getting to the exciting training assignments!

Hermana Clegg will be trained by Hermana Warburton in Palma!

¡El Élder Pareja será entrenado por el Élder Gómez en Bilbao!

Hermana Hannig will be trained by Hermana Espinoza in Badalona!

Elder Beher will be trained by Elder Chin Ah You in Logroño!

Hermana Helton will be trained by Hermana Fuller in Zaragoza!

Elder Cruz será treinado pelo Elder Jones em Catarroja!

Hermana Hyde will be trained by Hermana Colque in Valencia!

Elder Layton will be trained  by Elder Lozano in Sabadell!

Hermana Davis will be trained by Hermana Hofstetter in Tarragona!

The Daytons are loving their mission in Barcelona!