Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Called to Serve! - New Missionaries (Day 1)

We are excited to welcome this large group of powerful new missionaries. We've enjoyed getting to know them and are eager to see their accomplishments.

Now let's meet them all!
Welcome Élder Wiener!

Welcome Élder Tingey!

Welcome Élder Tagge!

Welcome Élder Hughes!

Welcome Élder Hurst!

Welcome Élder Petersen!

Welcome Élder Beech!

Welcome Élder Fernandez!

Welcome Élder Beeler!

Welcome Élder Pingree!

Welcome Élder Loveland!

Welcome Élder Richardson!

Welcome Élder Burr!

Welcome Élder Vaughan!

Welcome Élder Patey!

Welcome Hermana Wilda!

Welcome Hermana Call!

Welcome Élder Smith!

Welcome Élder Nelson!

Welcome Élder Gardner!

Shortly after arriving at the mission home we enjoyed a lunch of enchiladas, corn, and a salad on the side then continued with some basic orientation to the mission. 

After the meeting we went to Mont Juïc where these new missionaries got the chance to look out over all of Barcelona and take a moment to think about the special experience they will soon have here in Spain.
Looking out over Barcelona

Stay Tuned to the blog! Tomorrow we will announce the companionship assignments!



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  2. Thank you so very much for these amazing pictures! We are thrilled for Elder Wiener to be under your stewardship and to learn from the people of Spain and share the gospel.
    Sincerely, Erica Laws (Elder Wiener's Mom)