Monday, February 27, 2017

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President's Adventures--New Branches and Religious Freedom

This past week, President Dayton has had some memorable experiences. Last Sunday he traveled down to Tortosa where the official Tortosa Branch was organized. The work in Tortosa has been doing so well and it is such a blessing for these members to participate in this event.

Also, he was able to attend a conference on religious freedom that was held here in Catalunya. Representatives from many different churches presented their ideas and beliefs on religious freedom. Even though all of it was in Catalan, it was an honor to attend.
The church was represented by the woman in the above photo. She did a wonderful job and gave a powerful speech about Joseph Smith and his strong beliefs on the right to religious freedoms. 

           Last but not least, we were able to attend a baptism in Badalona. It was such a great service!


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