Friday, December 23, 2016

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Barcelona/Badalona Christmas Conference--December 21, 2016

A combined conference with the Zones of Barcelona and Badalona. Great program filled with inspired teachings and hidden talents. 

All anxiously await the meal prepared by Sister Carolina (la jefa de la casa) and by the Maxfields. Meatballs with a blueberry barbecue sauce over rice! 

After lunch we concluded the conference and were blown away by a musical number from Elders Bledsoe and Sherman. 

On a side note, I just returned home from my trip back to Arizona! It was so good to see the family, especially the Grandkids!

I was so happy to be home for my John´s wedding the 16th of December! It was so beautiful and they are so happy!

He also just graduated from the police academy the day before the wedding. I was able to be there and support him with that as well. 



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