Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Day in the Mission Home

We enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with our office staff and those who serve nearest the mission home in Barcelona.  We express gratitude for the three things we are most grateful for. We enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green peas, yams, jello and Spanish bread.  For dessert we have apple and pumpkin pie with ice cream.

Elder Maxfield and President Dayton carving the turkey.

President Dayton, Elder Jacobson and Elder Hamren are the potato peelers and turkey carvers.

Our wonderful missionaries help us decorate the Christmas Tree. 

Family Home Evening in the mission home with our investigators, recent converts, and less active members. President teaches about Joseph Smith the prophet and then we enjoy ice cream and cookies for dessert.  We feel grateful that over 40 people attend this special family home evening making it a wonderful Thanksgiving Day for us.



  1. Thank you for loving our boy! Grateful that he gets to have these growing experiences in beautiful Spain.

  2. So fun to see our friend from Maryland/Ohio (Elder Jacobson) and our friend from Erda (Elder Garr)--both have fathers who are physicians (as am I)--both have fathers who were Colonels in the Air Force as well!!!

    Pretty awesome how the Lord brings people together and how small this world really is...QUE SIGAN ADELANTE CON LA OBRA DEL SENOR EN BARCELONA!!!