Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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Missionary Leadership Council - September 17

Missionary Leadership Council was held on Saturday, September 17  in the Mission Home in Barcelona. We had Elder and Sister Zwick as special guests.  

Our sweet sister missionaries heart attack me...what special messages from such thoughtful missionaries.

Oh Saturday we held our monthly leadership council with all zone leaders and sister training leaders. We received important information on leadership including being humble in our accomplishments, not being limited by our own lack of vision, the wise use of ward councils for missionary work, and other important principles.

Elder and Sister Morejon make a Cuban dish of rice, chicken and vegetables and a lovely green salad.  We enjoy tres leeches cake for dessert.

During lunch we present Elder and Sister Zwick with a Barc Soccer T-shirt with his name and 70, representing the first quorum of 70. Sister Zwick and Sister Perry received chocolates and the original art work of our mission motto, "El Reino de Dios O Nada" (The kingdom of God or Nothing) spoken by John Taylor.


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