Thursday, June 30, 2016

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One Year Anniversary in the mission/Family Visits

The office elders surprise us with a one year celebration.  The #1 is a piñata filled with pictures of every baptism since we arrived along with candy bars, a tie and Spain memorabilia.  We also received text messages from all of our missionaries starting at 8am--a very sweet day for us!  We feel so honored and priviledged for this wonderful opportunity!

My daughter, Katie and her husband Kurt Cherrington, attend missionary Sunday in Terrasas.

Angie and Tyler Pisciota, a former El Faro missionary, attend sacrament meeting where Tyler speaks. He is currently the Student Body President at BYU Hawaii.

We visit  Montserrat high on a mountainside.

My son, Jon Forrest, proposes on the top of Montjuic, to Courtney Baker.  They will be married at the end of the year in the Mesa, Arizona temple.

We go to LaFondas to celebrate the engagement...the best paella we have found yet!


We enjoy a wonderful dinner together with my son Jon Forrest and his fiancé, and my daughter, Katie and her husband.

My sister, Marcie and her husband Kurt Oeler, come for a two day visit. We so enjoy our time together.

Carlos is baptized!

Gretzky is Baptized and is a member of the Barcelona 2nd Ward.

My daughter, Kara Rieben, visits us in Spain for two days--July 8th and 9th.


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  1. Love seeing the Cherringtons with the Daytons! Two wonderful couples!

    Rick and Julie Skousen