Monday, January 4, 2016

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Missionary Leadership Training

We have a wonderful day of meeting with the leaders in the Spain Barcelona Mission.  President Dayton taught of the principles of Repentance and how we effectively encourage others to repent.  Sister Dayton spoke of A Mighty Change of Heart and becoming more like the Savior.  The Assistants, Elder Dunn and Elder Kimball, spoke of having high expectations and reaching the new baptism goal of each companionship baptizing someone in January or February.  We concluded by doing practicas on common reasons people give telling us they are not interested in hearing our message.  We role played different responses and how to overcome obstsacles.

Elder Dunn and Elder Kimball with the baptism logo written all over their white shirts. Each person was given a rock with the baptism logo.  They were encouraged to only speak of baptism for the next week and if they slip up they were to carry the rock to help them stay focused on baptism. This was a very motivating and inspiring presentation...along with some good humor.



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