Monday, December 7, 2015

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Missionary Leadership Council

We had a wonderful Missionary Leadership Conference. I presented information on healthy attitudes during the holidays to avoid homesicknesses, I also did a presentation about how we push through obstacles to achieve our goals. President Dayton taught the power of commitment in leading to baptism. We had a beautiful slide presentation entitled, "The Savior is born". We concluded the meeting with a beautiful testimony meeting.

Our assistants, Elder Skousen and Elder Dunn, gave an inspiring presentation on giving the Savior the gift of a white Christmas. Everyone received a beautiful package with a white Christmas ornament that said "bautismo". The goal is for each companionship to baptize during December, giving the Savior a white Christmas. 

We take Elder Skousen and Elder Day out to dinner to honor them for their exceptional work as Assistant and Registrador. Pictured are, Elder Alleman, our new Registrador, Elder Wadsworth, our Secretary, President and Sister Dayton, Elder Dunn, the Assistant, and Elder Skousen and Elder Day.



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