Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Transfer Meeting

Before the transfer meeting we have a luncheon for the trainers and our new missionaries

All of our trainers with the new missionaries right before we announce the companionships!

All the missionaries after they find out who their trainer is get to pose by the map and find out where they will be serving!

Some of our trainers get very excited when they finally find out who they get to train!


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  1. Dear President and Sister Dayton,

    we were very happy and excited to get your letter and picture with our daughter, Hermana Laine! This blog gives us a wonderful opportunity to be part of our daughter´s journey! We were so happy to look at the pictures, (especially the last one in this post) and see that our daughter enjoys her time there. Thank you for the love that you show her and the other missionaries there in Barcelona! Our family and friends here in Finland are grateful for the time that you put in to keeping us updated!

    Jarna and Miiko Laine