Saturday, October 10, 2015

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Missionary Leadership Council


Mission Leadership Council--October 6, 2015 (Zone and Sister Training Leaders from the entire mission). We discussed General Conference and the many ways it directly applies to the work we're doing here in Spain. We feel so grateful for the leaders of the church, for their inspired messages that bless all of our lives.

We continue to love is beautiful and very interesting, driving on the narrow, Spanish roads is truly an exercise in faith and things are done somewhat differently here. There are virtually no large cars, gasoline is much more expensive (which is why there are no large cars), parking garages are tiny and are hard to negotiate, there are many round-a-bouts and one way streets. We are amazed that the whole country comes to a halt between 2-5pm. Almost all stores close down and the people go home to eat and take a nap. They use trains extensively here-- far more than airlines and street signs are in both Castillano and Catalan. There are very few stand alone homes. The chapels are rarely stand alone buildings and are virtually always attached to some other large building. 


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